We rent out a whole range of equipment from Phaseone Digital backs, Hasselblad cameras to Top of the line Broncolor lighting gear and other misc gear for your production from tentage to ladders. Below is a short list of our extensive equipment. Do download our Rental PDF for a complete updated list with prices.

Digital Backs

Phaseone IQ280 (Phaseone / Mamiya 645AFD mount)

Phaseone P45+ (Hasselblad V mount)

Phasone P45+ (Phaseone / Mamiya 645AFD mount)

Leaf Credo 50 Phaseone Mamiya 645 Mount

Hasselblad Cameras

555ELD Body with prism

553ELX Body with Waist Level finder

500CM Body with Waist Level finder

CFE 40mm FLE f/4 lens

CF 50mm FLE f/4 lens

CF 60mm f/4 lens

CF 80mm f/2.8 lens

CF 100mm f/3.5 lens

CF 120mm macro f/4 lens

CF 180mm f/4 lens

CF 250mm f/5.6 lens

Bellows Lens Shade CF mount

Extension Tubes 8, 10, 16, 32, 55

Digital Back Cameras (Hassel V Mount)


Digitar Schneider 35mm f/5.6 lens

Digitar Schneider 24mm f/5.6 ultra wideangle

Sinar X 4x5 with Hasselblad digi-back mount


Chimera Med

Chimera Large

Chimera strip (L)

Parabolic Umbrella 2meters wide

Chimera Softbox Honeycomb Large / Med

Phaseone / Mamiya 645AFD II system

Phaseone 645DF+ camera body

Mamiya 645DF camera body

28mm f/3.5 AF lens

35mm f/3.5 AF lens

45mm f/2.8 AF lens

55mm f/2.8 AF Schneider Leaf Shutter Lens

80mm f/2.8 AF Schenider Leaf Shutter lens

120mm f/4 Macro manual

150mm f/3.5 AF lens

210mm f/4 AF UD lens

Mamiya Revolving tripod adapter


Pocket Wizard Plus III Transreceivers

Bowens Pulsar radio slave

Silver / White Umbrellas

42” x 78” Panel with White translucent

78” x 78” Panel with White translucent and Silver

Heavy Duty Industrial Fan / Blower

Handheld Industrial Blower

20” Industrial Fan

5 ft x 3 ft collapsible table

4ft x 2 ft collapsible Aluminium work bench

Power reels

Heavy Duty Telescopic ladder

7 ft ladder

4 ft ladder

Collapsible Tentage

Motorola Talkabout walkies


Grip Gear

C stands



Gitzo Tripod with panhead

Slik Pro 2 tripod with pan head

Slik Pro 4 tripod with pan head

Manfrotto Heavy Duty Ballhead

Manfrotto 405 Pro Gearhead

Manfrotto tripod crossbar

Broncolor system

Scoro A4s 3200ws pack

Grafit A4 3200ws pack

Grafit A2 1600ws pack

Pulso A2 1600ws pack

Topas A4 3200 ws pack

Topas A2 1600 ws pack

Move 1200ws battery Packs

Pulso/uni head 3200ws

Pulso Twin 2x 3200ws head

Picolite 1600ws head

Mobil Head

Ringflash head

P70 reflectors

P70 4 wing barndoors

P70 Grid set ( 3 sizes in set)

Umbrella reflector

RFS Radio trigger

Infra Red trigger

5m Lamp head extension cable

10m Lamp head extension cable

Optical Spot Attachment with Masks

Perspex 10 inch Globe

Bowens system

Explorer 1600ws battery pack

Bowens 3K Quad head (for explorer)

500ws Monoblock Esprit

250ws Monoblock Esprit

8” wide reflector

7” standard reflector

15” softlite dish with grid diffuser

Umbrella reflector

Grid set for 7” ( 3 sizes in set)

8” reflector grid